Alistair Burt, MP for NE Bedfordshire, has signed the When We Will Learn pledge which has been launched by the Ambitious About Autism charity.

The charity believes that children with autism will get a fair deal if:

  • We get it right for children with autism from the start – by making sure their educational needs are assessed after they get a diagnosis.
  • We meet the needs of every child with autism – by having the right mix of services and support available.

  • We support schools to do a great job – by making sure everyone who works in schools receives training to support children with autism.

  • We protect the rights of children with autism – by preventing illegal exclusions and supporting school governors to fulfil their legal responsibilities to children with autism.

Alistair said:

"I am pleased to support those working to improve circumstances for all families affected by autism. The recognition of their need has steadily grown, but more could always be done, and I am grateful for the efforts of Ambitious about Autism which will impact positively on my constituents."