Politics is essentially about trying to influence the world and attempting to make a difference to how things work. There are many ways to get involved in politics, whether you are interested in campaigning on single issues, affiliating yourself with a particular political party or involving yourself in the local community.

A natural route into politics for many is to join a political party. You align yourself with people of similar values and can get more opportunities to debate, campaign, influence the political agenda and mix with people in the political world. You can find local branches of the three main political parties in most areas, and getting in touch with people at your local branch can be a good way to enter the political scene. There are also party branches at most universities as well as youth wings such as Conservative Future, Liberal Democrat Youth and Students, and Young Labour.

If you would like to find out more information about getting involved with the Conservative Party in North East Bedfordshire, please contact Katherine on 01767 313385 or see the NEBCA website.

For more ways to get involved in politics, have a look at Parliament's website.