Over the weekend I spoke out publicly on BBC news, and through social media, to express my strong reservations over elements of the DUPs social programme and positions in Northern Ireland, and my agreement with colleagues such as Ruth Davidson over her concerns. I have also expressed my concerns to my party's leadership in relation to any deal or agreement which puts in jeopardy the Governments position as broker in the complex power sharing constitutional crisis affect Northern Ireland at present.
I think there is no risk of any transfer of social views with which I strongly disagree, my own and the Conservative Party's position on equal marriage, LGBTi rights and abortion law will remain, nor would there be any question of the UKs prominent role on Climate Change and the Environment being altered or reversed. I cannot see any agreement which would threaten these being agreed by the Government, and would not support such a position.
The election result is inconclusive in terms of the number of seats won giving one party a clear majority. But the Conservative Party won more seats, and a higher percentage of the popular vote than its opponents and it is absolutely right that it now seeks to make an arrangement for Government to continue, as previous minority administrations of all parties have done. There is no reason to accept that a party which won fewer seats, and whose platform was rejected by more people in the UK should assume the right to govern.
Attempts therefore to find a way for Government to proceed, for who knows how long, seem sensible to me to enable the Government to continue without a further immediate election.
These are not normal circumstances, particularly with the timetable for Brexit talks now in place, and nothing is optimal. However the chance of an election before the Fixed Term date of 2022, to give the public further opportunity of a verdict on Government and Opposition seems very likely to me. In the meantime Government must continue.