The Government has protected the core schools budget in real terms since 2010, but the way funding is distributed to schools in England is not fair, with children receiving markedly different rates of funding for their school place depending on where they live. I have received an increasing number of emails from concerned parents as schools began the detailed work of seeing what the Government's proposed changes to the fair funding formula might mean, and I took these up with the with Secretary of State for Education.

The Government recognises that it is hard for those schools that receive a higher level of funding to make cuts in order to pay for increases elsewhere. It will, therefore, ensure that no school has its budget cut as a result of the new formula, while continuing to make funding fairer over the course of the next parliament. I welcome this news, along with the manifesto commitment that £4 billion will be added to the overall schools budget by 2022.  This represents more than a real terms increase for every year of the parliament compared to current spending plans.