NE Bedfordshire is part of a growing county, which means employment and our public services, including education, health, emergency services, police and transport must keep pace. Only a strong Conservative economy can do this.


A clear sense of direction from Government, and delivering the best Brexit   outcome for the whole nation, needs Conservative leadership, parliamentary engagement and successful negotiation.


Decisive UK leadership in defence, security, and intelligence, and commitment to participation in international development activity requires a stable, competent Government at a critical time.


‘I have been pleased to serve you in Parliament since 2001. The last two years - and the next five - are as momentous as any I can recall. I pledge to give the very best of my efforts locally, nationally and internationally on your behalf as we overcome the challenges ahead’

  • NE Bedfordshire must retain its distinctive rural character, with a successful Brexit outcome for our farms and connected businesses and sustainable development for all.
  • With a great history, we must continue to look ahead, to technological and modern jobs for a skilled existing and future workforce.
  • The challenges of health and social care are many, but can be met by the right combination of finance, ideas and excellent staff.
  • And we must not turn inward, but ensure our leaving the EU keeps open the avenue to a world which needs our expertise, and with which our trade benefits all.

A successful UK, meeting these challenges, cannot be taken for granted. Your choice for Theresa May and the Conservatives on June 8thwill deliver competence, stability and a determination unmatched at this vital election. Your future is too important to leave to the votes of others.’