Thank you to those who have contacted me in relation to Bedford Borough Council's draft Local Plan.

With no executive role on planning, but as MP, I have obviously taken an interest in this on behalf of constituents. I meet regularly with local councillors, the Parish council and the Mayor and Chief Executive, so am aware of the concerns which people raise.

The Council carried out a consultation process earlier this year on a draft strategy for where future growth might be located in the Borough. That consultation has now finished, and in January the Council will publish its draft plan. There will be a further opportunity at this stage to take part in a consultation and make your views known to the Mayor.

It is right that we find sites to build more houses, but they must be in the right places and offer the right types of houses. The other main issue is the impact of more housing north of Bedford will have on traffic flowing into Bedford. The station can hardly take more commuter traffic, and getting into Bedford in the mornings, for many purposes, is becoming exceptionally difficult. In due course, I think we might need a Parkway.

However, we must now wait until the 10th January to consider the draft plan and I shall await with interest to see what it contains.