Several constituents have written with regard to 21st Century Fox’s proposed purchase of Sky.

In the interests of transparency, the Secretary of State gave a statement to the House on 20 July. The Secretary of State must fully consider all relevant representations before reaching a final decision, she will take the time needed to look at the many received, balancing the need for careful consideration of relevant evidence with the merger parties’ legitimate need for a prompt decision. 

The Secretary of State is acting in a quasi-judicial basis under the Enterprise Act 2002, and one of the things she is required to do is act without undue delay, in the interests of all parties. Therefore, it is expected that a final decision on referral will be made in the coming weeks.

I appreciate that some constituents are concerned about this timing of this decision due to the current recess of Parliament, but the Secretary of State is bound by the Enterprise Act, and will, I am sure, use due diligence in her consideration of this decision. I have attached a link to the Minister’s statement.