Several constituents have contacted me recently about Early Day Motion 689 regarding the sale of Government assets.

I generally do not sign Early Day Motions and you can read my reasons why here:

The sale of public assets has been a regular part of politics now for about 30 years. I can still remember British Airways being owned by the Government and the GPO taking a long time to deliver a telephone line when you moved house. Life has changed and the mixture between public and private ownership is very different. I have no particular ideological determination one way or another. I believe that public ownership suits some national assets and that for others there is no problem about them being in the private sector. I make my own judgement on what seems to be best - as recently as last week I was asking the Government to change its mind on outsourcing the new body which will deal with the administration of support to those caught up in the infected blood tragedy.

As far as future sales are concerned, I will take a view at the time as to whether or not I believe a sale to be in the best interests of the public or whether something should stay in public ownership.

Last year, sales of public assets included the release of shares in Lloyds Banking Group, UK Asset Resolution assets, Eurostar and the pre-2012 income contingent repayment student loan book; all of which generated £25 billion for the Government.

I can assure you that the Government is committed to ensuring the effective and efficient management of publicly owned assets and keeps ownership of all assets under review.