Thank you for all of your emails in relation to the BBC.


We all love the BBC, which holds a special place in the nation, and I am not surprised the consultation reflected that. I am also sure that Secretary of State Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP is aware.


However it is also important to note that no institution in the UK should be above scrutiny or inquiry. The BBC has its faults, and some considerable, from being over bureaucratised, overpaid at some levels, its digital power being exercised at the expense of others and being guilty of serious errors of judgement as in the uncritical regard of ‘talent’ and the blind eye turned to the risk of sexual abuse as recently highlighted.


So, a bit like the NHS, let’s keep our national institutions in perspective, as a tendency to believe they do no wrong, and that any expression of concern is always politically motivated, is not a healthy attitude.


Thank you again for your interest.