Many constituents and others have followed my interest in the contaminated blood issue.


During the last Parliament I campaigned with others for some resolution to the long standing issues surrounding the tragedy of the contaminated blood scandal. There were debates and questions, and at the end of the Parliament in March 2015 a commitment from the Prime Minister to a review and consultation of the financial arrangements and trusts. As became clear by then, there is a strong determination in Government and Parliament to seek a resolution as best as possible to the events of contaminated blood and their dreadful consequences.


I continue to share that determination.


I was made a Minister in the Department of Health in May 2015. My responsibilities are primary care, adult social care and mental health. Minister Jane Ellison has responsibility for the contaminated blood issue, as she had in the last Parliament.


As I do not have Ministerial responsibility for the contaminated blood issue, I have not made any public comment about it.


I support the statement made by Minister Ellison on 21st January. She launched a consultation which I urge all those interested to respond to, as no decisions have been taken. You can read the statement here:


The consultation extends to April 16th. It is the first time a government is consulting fully and widely with the entire affected community.


Please, if appropriate, respond to the consultation.