I have received a number of emails and letters in relation to Syria.

The last four years have been catastrophic for Syria. A campaign of repression and terror launched against his people by Bashar Al Assad, turned into a full scale war against them into which an aggressive Islamist force subsequently entered. The resulting displacement of the people has been of a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. And the Islamist force has made clear it sees no boundaries to its cruel work of indoctrination and murder, reaching beyond Syria to Europe. Our own citizens are threatened.

There is much discussion about what to do. I am well aware of the main arguments both for and against any further UK involvement.

But it is mistaken to believe that no further military action by the UK, in support of its allies who are confronting Daesh, and against Daesh itself provides any protection from its actions, or makes a solution any easier. Both intervention or non intervention by the UK has consequences, and any decision needs to be considered in that light. I await the Prime Ministers speech to the Commons this week with great interest. He knows there is no easy answer to this crisis, and I do not expect him to call for any military action without concerted activity in other spheres at the same time.

I will act and vote in defence of the United Kingdom using my best judgement, and will continue to appreciate any comments or views from constituents.