Many constituents have contacted me about the refugee crisis.

In short of course more needs to be done, and with urgency. But this is an historic event with huge consequences. I think in my lifetime this is the first time that those seeking sanctuary from a conflict thousands of miles from Europe have not simply fled to a neighbouring country, but have chosen a different course, potentially in millions. This is a new world.

The UK has been significantly generous in supporting refugees until now. We have given more support and aid to relief agencies and adjoining states such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey than the rest of the EU combined. But the length of the conflict in Syria, the numbers of people displaced and the instability elsewhere has combined to produce what we are witnessing.

There are no simple answers, but I think there must be a combination of renewed and serious efforts to end the conflict and start to re-stabilise Syria, support this financially, perhaps financed through the EU being prepared to spend upto 0.7% of GDP as the UK does on aid, and a division of more refugees around the EU for safety until the conflict ends and they can return to their lives. I would be very surprised if the UK did not take in more.

But this is not just a short term, political issue. What we are seeing, the mass displacement of people, the transfer from poor to rich countries for a mixture of reasons, the ability to travel, the instability of states exploited by ruthless criminals at huge cost to those travelling poses long term and serious questions to many governments and agencies and the peoples of many countries who will also have decisions to make.

So I am not surprised that this is taking time. At the heart of it is the wickedness being done to innocent people, who bear the brunt as the pieces have to be picked up.

I have no doubt that the UK Government is listening and will take further steps.