I will be supporting the Bill as amended by Zac Goldsmith.

That constituents have a power to submit an MP to a recall motion, and secure a by-election, may well be a helpful addition to UK democracy. If that is the case, then I cannot see that the power should only be exercised or controlled by Parliament itself. That defeats the object.

But some things are not entirely clear.  I do not believe, for example, that an MP should be subject to recall for supporting a policy, included in his/her manifesto, upon which he/she was elected, and upon which a government might have been formed, just because such a policy becomes unpopular, or is the focus of a political campaign. I do not think that is what recall is for, and I will be asking for some clarification on this from either the Government or Mr Goldsmith.

You may have a view on this. Do you think there should be any criteria for recall, or do you think it could be for any reason, including party political?

So what I propose to do is vote for this Bill to go into our committee stage, and see what happens after that.

But my intention is to support the principle of recall, and see if we can get a Bill acceptable to the public and MPs alike.