A number of constituent's have contacted me in the past regarding Air Passenger Duty, and I wanted to highlight the changes being made following on from this year’s Budget.

Air Passenger Duty is the tax paid by airlines, which then is passed onto customers within ticket costs. It is banded on the distance from London to countries’ capital cities, with a reduced rate for economy class passengers.

At Budget 2014, the Government announced a significant reform to Air Passenger Duty to bring the cost of long-haul travel down to a uniform Duty rate. From 1 April 2015 any country over 2,000 miles from London will fall into the same B rate banding as the USA.

The abolition of Duty bands C and D underlines the Government’s commitments to export-led growth, and will help businesses to strengthen links with key growth markets like Brazil, India and China, through lower air ticket costs.

The abolition of bands C and D also has another important benefit. The UK has a richly diverse population, and these savings will be passed onto you, the customer, by bringing ticket costs down.

The Government is mindful that the vast majority of passengers, around 80 per cent, fly to band A destinations within the UK and Europe. I am pleased to tell you that the economy flight duty rate for these journeys is set to remain at £13. By the end of March 2016 it will have stood unchanged at this level for four years.