It was right that the Prime Minister recalled Parliament from its summer recess in order that MPs could debate the matter as quickly as possible. Parliament decided that Britain would not participate in military action in Syria and I respect that decision; however I strongly believe in the need for a tough and robust response to the appalling war crime committed by the Assad regime in Ghouta.  

The Government has consistently stated that it has three objectives in Syria: to promote a political solution that ends the conflict; to help save lives by doubling humanitarian aid and providing non-lethal support to the opposition; and to protect the national security of the United Kingdom from extremism and terrorism. When it comes to the question of any future lethal support, that is arming the opposition or intervening militarily ourselves, the Government's position has not changed. No decision has been made and any decision would be put to the House of Commons on a substantive motion.

We will continue to take a case to the United Nations and continue to work through all the international organisations we’re members of, including the EU, NATO and the G20, to condemn what’s happening in Syria.  We remain committed to finding a political solution to bring an end to the bloodshed in Syria.