I have received a few emails in relation to the Prime Minister’s speech in Florence.

The UK will leave the EU and its institutions on 29 March 2019. It will no longer be in the European Council, the Council of the EU or in the European Parliament. Membership of the single market will also end on this day. We need a long-term partnership with the EU that will be of mutual benefit to all our people but a future trade agreement will take time to agree and ratify. It can also only be concluded after the UK has left the EU. This is why an implementation period is necessary. It would create instability and uncertainty if there were one set of changes after the UK left the EU and another of set after a trade agreement was reached. People and businesses should only need to adjust once to the changes. 

I want to emphasise that the implementation period will be strictly time-limited and that there should be no doubt that the UK is leaving the EU. The UK will regain its sovereignty over laws, immigration and trade. This creates a double lock guarantee by providing certainty for voters that the implementation period is time-limited and stability for businesses that they will only have to adjust once to the changes. 

But we must be clear, the speech sets out the UK’s intention; this is part of a negotiation which will still need the agreement of the other member states. These negotiations will not be easy and the UK will be obliged to compromise on some issues, as will the EU. 

I am sure we will receive much more information in the coming weeks and you can read the Prime Minister's speech here: