Confidentiality and access to documents - this paper states that the UK recognises the importance of continuing to respect obligations of confidentiality and to protect information exchanged while it was a Member State, and that arrangements agreed with respect to confidentiality and the handling of information produced while it was a Member State should be reciprocal, affording an equivalent level of protection to the UK and the EU after the UK’s withdrawal.  These protections should be equivalent to those set out in the existing regimes.


Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK - it is in the interests of both the UK and the EU to ensure a smooth and orderly withdrawal in regard to the availability of goods in the UK and EU markets.  Investors, businesses and citizens in the UK and across the EU want to be able to plan ahead with certainty, and this paper sets out the Government's desire to provide legal certainty and avoid disruption for business and consumers.