I have made clear that I believe the Government should offer a vote on the final outcome of the negotiations, no matter what the outcome. The Government has already agreed to this in the event of an agreement with the EU, but has been less clear in the circumstances of no deal. I will be working with colleagues today to seek to resolve this.

I do not require an amendment to the Bill to achieve this. As with the assurance on a final vote in the event of an agreement, I would be confident that any assurance given by the Government in the course of debate today would be given in good faith and could be relied upon.

I will not be voting in support of the Lord’s amendment on EU citizens. As in the Commons debates, I believe that the position of EU citizens is secure under UK law, and that this security will be carried over in the so-called Great Repeal Bill. To affect EU citizens’ rights adversely would require Parliament to downgrade them. This will not happen. The Prime Minister has sought to secure both EU citizens’ rights here alongside an agreement for UK citizens abroad, and only the decision of the EU not to negotiate any matter until the triggering of Article 50 has prevented this. I am confident that both the UK and the EU intend to deal with this as a matter of urgency once that point is reached.