There will be books written on the last four weeks we have all lived through. Whatever part you played in the Referendum, your decision to vote or not vote either way will have a significant impact on the rest of your life. I simply cannot yet tell you, and nor can anyone else, what that will be.

It has had a dramatic impact on the lives of David Cameron and Theresa May. His resignation was guaranteed by the Referendum result, which was known to those of his colleagues who urged a ‘Leave’ vote, but had no expectation of winning, and no plan what to do if they did.

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If there is one thing we have all been living with longer than the Referendum, it is the ‘review’ into the shape of our local and regional hospital services. The news at the beginning of June that the current proposals might remove maternity services brought a sharp reaction, quite understandably.

Why mess about with services at all? Over many years medical practices have changed, largely because of medical science. We spend less time in hospital for many procedures than we did, and doctors all over the world have reduced the number of hospitals to encourage more activity at the ones remaining, on the grounds that the more procedures done in the same place, the safer they are and the better trained the staff can be.

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I am sure that, on a bright early summer morning in Bedfordshire, the last thing anyone might want is to hear about the Referendum, again.

But, forgive me. I would be failing in my duty as your Parliamentary representative if I did not offer you my opinion on the most important vote you are likely to cast in the next few decades.

I am not equivocal or heavy hearted in casting my vote for the United Kingdom to remain a member of the EU. I believe it is in our interest as a nation, in the interest of our people, and in the interest of a wider world. Let me explain why.

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It will not be long before you cast your vote in the Referendum.

Forgive me for writing about it, when you may already have heard enough, but this is important for you, your family and friends, and for the future.

As the MP for NE Bedfordshire, my vote counts the same as yours, no more or less. But I do think you have a right to know my view. I will vote to remain in the EU. This is not half hearted, or after much agony. I believe absolutely that it is the right thing for the UK and its people.

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I am very conscious that a number of my constituents are concerned about issues regarding foreign aid and recently my colleague, the Secretary of State for International Development has set out the facts of our overseas aid programme and I am always happy to talk to constituents about these issues.

UK aid is spent where it is most needed and it is subject to rigorous internal and external checks and scrutiny. The strategy recognises that tackling poverty overseas means tackling the root causes of global problems such as disease, corruption, migration and terrorism. The Department for International Development (DFID) is the UK’s primary channel for overseas aid, working in conjunction with other Government departments and agencies.

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