I am very grateful to those constituents who have contacted me highlighting their concerns about proposed changes to the NHS.


The NHS matters to everyone in this country – and as a family which depends upon it entirely I have the same vested interest as all those without private insurance, to make sure it performs as well as it can for all of us.

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Pancakes and Presidents


The life of an MP is certainly never a dull one and wonderfully varied.  With spring just showing signs around NE Bedfordshire I have been out and about in the past few weeks with local council candidates and John Guthrie, the Mayoral candidate, and enjoying the richness of a rural area as new growth returns.  Our urban centre and rural heartland do make Bedfordshire a great mix and I believe we have a bright future.

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Home and abroad – a busy month, but our soldiers keep my feet on the ground.

The new year provided as varied a bag as an MP could ever expect. Visits in my role as Minister to the Gulf and Middle East gave me the chance to mix with other Foreign Ministers to discuss the prospects for the much needed settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and the early stirrings of events which have rocked Tunisia and Egypt in recent days. Heady stuff, with Ambassadorial cars and a glimpse at the gilded life of many counterparts abroad. You could get carried away with other countries VIP treatment.

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Happy New Year! As we get back into full swing following the Christmas break,  I hope 2011 finds my constituents well, and may I wish you all the very best for the coming twelve months.


Locally it promises to be a busy one on the political beat. We have local elections in our councils of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire, and in Bedford itself we have the Mayoral contest.  There will a tough background to both, as the coalition Government continues its attempts to put the country’s financial house in order, and local councils respond. Your judgment and vote will be necessary to help the country make decisions. For those of you not involved in seeking election, or as part of the small group of immensely valuable volunteers who make your electoral process work, please take the opportunity to vote, which is your part of the democratic bargain.


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