The recall of Parliament, while not a once in a lifetime event, is still sufficiently rare to happen only when something very serious requires it.


What has happened in London and other major cities has been at once depressing and infuriating, provoking feelings of intense anger towards those on the streets engaged in looting and violent robbery.

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Nine countries and an excellent school dinner!


I was very pleased to find myself last week back for another visit to Sue Ryder’s St John’s Hospice at Moggerhanger.  Many of you will have personal experience of the Hospice and know what a marvellous role they play in our community.  We were looking at the refurbishment following a grant of over £500,000 from the Government, and as always amazed by how far funds can be stretched when good people are creative in their thinking.  Palliative and end of life care is something we all need to consider whether for our loved ones or ourselves and some of this grant has gone towards that strategy.  If you haven’t had a chance to see what good work is done, do take the chance to visit at the next open day.


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As a parent, and now as a grandparent, I share the concern of many families about how we bring up our young people in an age when innocence is lost early, and the world is full of traps and snares different in kind to those of the past.

That children have always been subject to outside influences, and too rosy a look back might obscure the realities of generations past. But that there are now increasing, and often quite aggressive pressures as regards entering the adult world and the realities of sexual activity and surrounding issues, is also undeniable.

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Alistair Burt, MP for NE Bedfordshire, addressed the Planning Inspectorate Appeal on Friday 6th May, with regard to the incinerator plans at Twinwoods Business Park.  Alistair was supporting residents and the Parish Councils from Milton Ernest, Thurleigh, and the surrounding area.


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Last week’s elections offered an interesting snapshot locally and nationally about how we see our councils and Government. A Government will normally suffer from the ‘two onto one’ effect, as two parties tell the public where the Government is going wrong, maximising its pain. This time that was not present, and was in effect reversed as the Coalition came together to remind the public that it was Labour’s massive economic failure which meant we were in such financial difficulties anyway. And we had the Referendum too.