As this is the last ‘Bulletin’ piece from me in 2016, it would be tempting to look back on an astonishing political year that sprung almost out of nowhere- the year of the underdogs, and the blows against the establishment. I accept all with humility, having been on the wrong end of opinion in at least two of the events. So I will not trouble you with such reflections but instead bring you some of an MPs constituency highlights, offering cheer to all, with some of the good news which is all around us, but on which we concentrate far too little.

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Parliament returned for the autumn session with the heaviest domestic agenda since 1945 - how to give effect to the decision of the British people to leave the EU.

There are huge implications attached to this, which will become clear as time goes on. I make no secret of my view that this was the wrong outcome, but I accepted absolutely as a democratic politician, who had voted for the Referendum to take place, that I would abide by the result, and work to make the very best of it for those I represent.

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At the time of writing, the US Presidential election is in its final phase. You think that a general election is a drawn out affair – it is nothing compared to the US, where the early phases occurred some two years ago. However this particular election has kept the interest of many throughout the world despite the length of time, partly because it has been at times a gruesome affair, different from any previous contest, and also because, whatever the outcome, it affects the whole world.

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The June 23rd Referendum was about a variety of things beyond the question on the paper, i.e. to leave or remain in the EU. One of the effective campaign slogans of those who wished us to leave was to ‘take back control’, a phrase which amongst other things clearly implied ‘recovering’ the ability of UK judges to pronounce upon UK law, and for the rights of a sovereign Parliament to make our laws in the first place.

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As Party Conference season ends, and Parliament returns, the reality of where modern politics now finds itself will be clear over the next few months.

We have seen the most turbulent domestic political period since 1945, with the vote to leave the EU, the fall and rise of a Prime Minister, and the seeming self destruction of the major Opposition Party in the UK. None of this is going to matter very much by the time of the next general election. What will matter is how Parliament and Government shapes up to the enormous tasks currently facing them.

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