I hope constituents will be relieved that I don’t think it is yet time to return to politics, or writing about it. What with the Referendum then a new PM, and ructions in other parties- enough.

My summer started this year with the annual Duck Race in Arlesey, a wonderful example of typical English summer fun. For just a pound, you buy a plastic duck for charity, then watch as it whizzed down the River Hiz (whizzing being a loose description of the speed) competing with nearly 500 others to reach the finish line first. A well organised day, raising lots of money for charity, providing a truly excellent day out with a lot of fun and enjoyment for a pretty minimal outlay.

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It’s not very often I get in the paper for kissing someone, but RELATE asked my wife and I to take part in a ‘kiss in’ during the Bedford River Festival this year, and you may have seen the results in the papers following the event. It was an excellent idea – promoting relationships that are working, and also encouraging those of us in long term relationships to remember to work at them, and to seek advice and help that is out there, not waiting until difficulties arise. RELATE do some excellent work both locally and nationally.

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As we recover from the triumphs of the Olympics and Paralympics, and as a new football season announces itself via a Premier League transfer shopping spree of over a £1 billion for the first time ever, it’s time to recognise and support club based sport at a different level.

I have been a keen soccer supporter since childhood, with an allegiance to my home town team of Bury, which has spent all its existence in my lifetime in the lower leagues of professional football. I had little contact with non-league football until I came to Bedfordshire, beyond, I believe being the only then serving MP with an actual playing registration for a non-league club, my school old boys.

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I would not normally disturb your summer reading with politics, but the events of June and July this year require me to make some comment as soon as possible.

If you had asked me to predict, on June 16th, where the country and politics would be four weeks later, I would have never have guessed the extraordinary run of events we have seen. To begin with the tragic- the murder of Jo Cox MP places all other events into context, but how quickly the nation seemed to forget. An outpouring of grief was sincere, and all MPs were touched by the expressions of concern for them, as the public realised how vulnerable our work made us. But the anguished cries for a gentler politics in its wake seemed soon lost.

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Despite all the negative issues surrounding the Olympics, we have just been entranced by the extraordinary spectacle that only this event provides. Its drama is magnified because unlike a regular league of football, or the world championships in many sports, the Olympics is for most athletes a ‘one off’, perhaps the only chance some get, after years of training, to achieve their goal. The elation or disappointment, which we see so graphically on television, is life changing, and we know it. We are silent witnesses to the most important moment in their careers.

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