It is a simple idea. 500 words is not too long for a child to shape an idea, and commit it to paper, nor is it so short as to prevent free rein of an interesting idea. That it is supported and led by Chris Evans, has a host of celebrities lined up to read winning entries, and provides a chance for that vital ‘shout out’ on a popular radio show is a perfect combination.

Last year the competition inspired an astonishing 123,436 entries. I wonder how many of them, beforehand, thought that they could write anything worthy of an audience? I wonder how much confidence has been instilled in the nation’s children, that even if they do not win, nor get read on the radio, they now believe, encouraged by family or teachers that they can actually produce a finished piece of work destined for someone else?

Do take a chance to listen. You will be amazed at our children’s imagination, and how interesting, quirky and surprising they can be, and how, even at a tender age, they have a grasp of how to surprise and twist a narrative.

Well done the BBC, and thank you schools and teachers for still instilling the gift and love of good language, the greatest aid to social mobility ever, in our children.