The bottom line, on your behalf, is that your MP cannot be in any way comfortable with the outcome of the report. However measured, Bedfordshire cannot have a force rated as it is, and I, and my MP colleagues, must do all we can to ensure that is improved. We will first renew the efforts, made of Labour and Conservative Governments alike, to convince it that it cannot go on funding us like a rural force dealing with the serious national and international threats evident in Bedfordshire and Luton.

But secondly MPs also need to challenge the Chief Constable and HMI, who disagree on the professional aspects of the force, on their differing views. The Chief Constable believes the report is unfair, and certainly there is a history of poor reports on the Bedfordshire Force. HMI stands by her report. It's not good enough for this to be going on. I want to know why, because the public needs to trust both the police and the Inspection system, and we cannot afford to have them disagreeing on such a scale.

So we are calling them in to see us, with Kathryne Holloway the PCC, on your behalf. We are determined see the reputation of our force raised to where you deserve it to be.