I was quite saddened by this. I fully support the rights of passengers, who pay a great deal, to be protected against shoddy or careless actions which affect the reliability of travel – which is important to all. But has it really come to the bit that our lives are so precious that any inconvenience, even if caused by something over which no one has any control, has us scrabbling for information on our ‘rights’ so we can claim compensation.

I tweeted in reply ‘Perhaps you might say ‘thank you’ instead to the transport staff who get you home? And not blame anyone? Try it.’

I’m pleased to say my retweet received four times more retweets than the ITV version!

As we work through what happened last year, and how we come to terms with the Britain it revealed to us, one of the things we might think about is our rush to blame, accuse and hold up to abuse. Social media is not responsible in itself – it is a convenient cover for some to use language and threats because they are anonymous- but it is us who hold the key. I think we will all be happier and the country will work better if we cut each other a little generous slack, and ensure common courtesy, and some simple thanks now and again, does not slip sadly away.