the decision of June 23rd. We will visit a number of places in the UK and beyond before presenting a report to Parliament, and I will keep you informed from time to time of progress, both here and on my Facebook/website. We are looking to assist Parliament in finding the best proposals for the nation as a whole in leaving the EU, however some of us voted.

The new administration of President Trump will begin to shape the US. We have to see if his campaign rhetoric, unpleasant and offensive as it was to many outside the US, was simply rhetoric or is followed through. How the US fares really matters to the world, and impacts on our finances and security. I cannot claim to have warmed to the man, but I wish him and his country well, for all our sakes.

The French and Germans go to the polls, so that will stop Brexit for a bit. There can be no agreement of our negotiations without them and there will be reluctance to conclude anything before governments are formed. It’s not all about us, we have to remember.

And there will be more, but I think fewer predictions from the so called smart people who got so much wrong in 2016. I say no more!