And Leicester City’s five month run at the top of the table would give unfashionable clubs of the Premier League some hope, despite them falling away over the Easter fixtures to hand Spurs the title.

Well, some year to look back upon! It has been the year of the outsider, with Leicester City showing the way in perhaps the most politically neutral event, for almost all football supporters loved their run and success, although at the time of writing it seems a one off.

The other two events will have more long lasting consequences, and of course they are tied together. A world order created after 1945 is coming to an end, an era of progressive, moderately centrist western politics tied to a liberal, market orientated economic system dominated by the United States. In the case of both the UK and the US, a public, persuaded that they were being taken for granted by an ‘elite’ based in boardrooms and Westminster/Washington, turned away from the offering of their political establishment leaders to take a plunge into the unknown.

It is as yet hard to know precisely what will happen, and predictions are now rather useless. Politicians like me have some serious soul searching to do, as do our electorates. We can get a picture of what people do not like, but it is not yet clear what they want. Slogans such as ‘take back control’ and ‘make America great again’ are just smart phrases, not a concrete programme of action in a complex world.

However there is profound shock to the system. Just as in the UK, politicians in the US and I suspect Europe, have discovered they do not know their own country as well as they did, and now have to work out what this means. They will need the same sense of humility as politicians need to show here, to listen and understand events.

We head towards an uncertain 2017. We will therefore need some rocks on which to stand, of which our families, our local communities and festivals such as Christmas, form a good base. Let us gather around us those people and things we hold dear, and make the most of the New Year, and its opportunities.

My very good wishes to all of you.