My year has been illuminated by young people. Etonbury Academy were January visitors to the excellent educational facilities in Parliament, and a number of schools followed, whilst I made visits to schools here, including the impressive Owl Parliament at Roecroft in Stotfold once again. The public would be impressed by young people’s interest and lack of cynicism over the world around them, demonstrated not least by the Youth Parliament held at the House of Commons just the other week, with thoughtful and committed speeches and reflective listening.

At the other end of the age range I met with the Alzheimer’s Society in Biggleswade for a joyous morning of singing to help those who struggle a little with memory today, but whose tuneful memories of yesterday lit up the room. From Lions, to Rotary, to Carers in Bedfordshire at the opening of the new Carers Lounge at the L&D, I have seen those giving so much to society as volunteers, making a difference in our world. Those who use sport to build a community, from the East Beds Junior Charity Cup Finalists at Langford, to Biggleswade AC, the wonderful Harrold Pit Run and the Bedford Park Run volunteers – I have spent time with all, observing their contributions to a thriving community.

Young Farmers in Pertenhall, Sea Cadets in Biggleswade and I even got to kiss my wife on stage in Bedford for Relate –w hatever may be happening on the world’s political stage, an MP can only say a warm ‘thank you’ for 2016 at home, and wish all constituents a happy Christmas and a peaceful 2017.