I cannot recall a contest in which the two candidates from the Republicans and Democratic parties have been so ill thought of by the electorate as a whole. I can understand this in relation to Donald Trump, whose lack of experience, and aggressive and offensive manner has been designed not to win votes from the thoughtful and undecided, but simply to focus on the more extreme prejudices of those who have fallen for easy sloganising to ‘make America great again’. Mrs Clinton has suffered not from lack of experience, but having had this experience thrown at her, with all the problems which come with being in the public eye for decades, and a record which could be endlessly poured over. The sense of ‘none of the above’, not uniquely confined to the US, has rarely been greater.

I am sorry about the reluctance to support Mrs Clinton, who I have seen at close quarters working effectively on difficult world issues, and whose private personality displayed away from the cameras in working situations is some distance from what is said about her. I think she has the background and quality to do the job of President well, and would have backed her against many Republican opponents, let alone the wildcard Trump.

The job matters to all of us. Whatever the historic relevance of President Obama as the first black leader of his country, and his likeable personality, his foreign policy has struggled against the big issues, and the world is more uncertain as a result. His successor has a big, and complex, in-tray.