The EU decision will colour most things. The pathway forward for the UK will be difficult and costly. It will be made worse if MPs and newspapers persist in setting the coming negotiations as ‘us against them’ in some jingoistic contest. The European states are as concerned as the UK about the implications for their peoples, so we owe it to all those we represent to have cool heads and not get boxed in to commitments on the single market or the movement of people to work in the UK, so as to have some freedom to negotiate.

The Conservative Party, and our PM Theresa May, have huge responsibilities given the current absence of a credible Labour Party. And it is an absence, which doesn’t help democratic politics. Watch out this term therefore for the media to take the place of an Opposition, as it has in the past when conventional politics is stalled. UKIP may blow a golden chance to make ground, but that’s not my problem either.

And while we bury ourselves in Brexit, we need to remember that this is not the biggest issue for the rest of the world. Europe faces economic and political challenges to which it will need to devote much attention, and from migration on a scale unknown in the UK. Syria will get worse, and the world will wring its hands. The US may elect Donald Trump.

So, if you thought this year was interesting……!